Strava PRO+ Training Module

A new module with in the Strava service to support collaboration between running and cycling coaches and their athletes.



Create a new Training Module for STRAVA the leading social / collaborative fitness service and integrate it into the existing Strava UI framework.

STRAVA has become the de-facto standard for cycling and running athletes looking to explore and compete virtually with other like-minded individuals. Many of these athletes, in addition to using STRAVA, also work with coaches and so must upload their data to a web application specifically designed to manage training plans. This creates a situation where the athlete is uploading data and working simultaneously in two very similar web fitness applications. 

STRAVA PRO+ enables the athlete to use one application (STRAVA) to not only work with their coach but also contribute to STRAVA's social / competitive community. 


My Role

  • User Research

  • User Persona

  • Design Stories

  • Task Flows

  • Interface Design



1.) User Persona

I started my process by distilling my conversations with other Strava athletes as well as my own experience as a coached athlete into a user persona.



2.) Design Stories

In addition to and through the user persona I developed a set of design stories.

User Does Prescribed Workout

  • User can view Training Plan

  • Users can view individual Prescribed Workout for each day

  • Users can view today’s Prescribed Workout

  • User begins Workout Activity

  • User can pause Workout Activity

  • User can restart Workout Activity

  • User can finish Workout Activity

  • User can restart finished Workout Activity

  • User can add comments to Workout Activity

  • User can Save Workout Activity

  • User can Share Workout Activity

  • User can review Workout Activity details / metrics / graphs

  • User can choose to make the Workout Activity private

  • User can delete Workout Activity


User Reviews Workout Data on iPhone

  • User can view calendar

  • User can view prescribed Workouts for each day

  • User can view Workout Activities already logged for each day

  • User can review the metrics of the Workout Activity in comparison to the prescribed Workout

  • User can add comments to the Workout Activity file

  • User can read comments from his coach about the Workout Activity

  • User can associate a Workout Activity with a prescribed workout

  • User can disassociate a Workout Activity with a Workout.


3.) Task Flow


4.) User Interface Design Sketches


5.) Wireframes based on design sketches.


6.) Interactive Prototype

Three minute demo of StravaPro+




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